1960 Fender 4x10" Bassman

1960 Fender 4x10" Bassman

5,500.00 6,995.00
  • Cosmetic Condition: Great shape overall, light tweed wear and one little spot on the grill cloth that's thinner than the others. Speakers are original 1960/61 Jensen P-10Qs (re-coned; not reissued). Cabinet is NOS from Sam Hutton, the employee who originally built the FENDER cabinets, with the original tweed, and grill cloth. Tube chart is real but doesn't match the actual date of creation for the amp. Power transformer is an orig TRIAD “8087”, non-original to the chassis. Output transformer is marked “45249”, and is original to the chassis. Orig 2-prong, gray, power cable. Other changed components minimal, including the electrolytic capacitors and some resistors. These things are like guitar strings; in time, they wear out.

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