1969 Leslie 145 Cab + 122 Amp

1969 Leslie 145 Cab + 122 Amp

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  • Cosmetic Condition: Really awesome shape, the cabinet is in amazing condition, only some light scuffs around the bottom edges. This is a 145 cab with a balanced 122 amp, and includes the preamp to allow for plugging anything 1/4” into it! Has been refurbished and working great. Comes with the platform stand and top cover.

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1969 Leslie 145 w/122 (balanced) tube amplifier: Cherry wood cabinet in beautiful shape, non-smoking /living room environment, Serial# 71622.

This Leslie was custom refurbished by Tony LaBrasca of Itasca, IL – famous for his company BT Productions (producer of the “Hammondology” videos).

The cabinet is 33 inches tall X 29” wide X 20” deep.

The 40w balanced amplifier virtually eliminates 60 Hz hum and other induced noise.

0909 date stamp indicates the cabinet was stamped on March 31, 1969.

This is consistent with the plywood baffle which was eliminated in favor of particle board in 1970.


There is no particle board anywhere in or on the gorgeous cabinet. It looks and sounds like a genuine 122 from 1969 – just a few inches shorter in height.

Included is a Vintage Tube Preamp foot control from Speakeasy Vintage Music (model PA-122) which controls the 2-speed (“celeste” and fast/tremolo) drum and rotor speed as well as provides treble, bass and volume controls and has an unbalanced input for today's portable keyboards.  The 12AX7 preamp output feeds the warmed-up keyboard signal to a custom Leslie 6-pin cable to control the Leslie.

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