de Lisle ABC Isolated Amp Selector

de Lisle ABC Isolated Amp Selector

  • Cosmetic Condition: Great shape overall, no real cosmetic issues.

The de Lisle ABC pedal is a great solution for multiple amp setups. It enables you to safely connect a guitar to one, two or three amps at a time without introducing ground loop hum. So don't defeat the safety grounds on your amps!

It features a direct out plus dual buffered and transformer isolated outputs, which means no signal loss, no ground loops, and no tone suck. And the circuit runs on an internally boosted dual rail power supply for increased headroom and clarity. We've also included a phase switch to keep amps or separate channels in phase.

Another user friendly feature - each output has a unqiuely colored LED, so you'll know exactly which switch you're stepping even on the darkest stage. Each output is individually selectable, so you can use any combination of amps you want.

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