Greenchild Kursk

Greenchild Kursk

  • Cosmetic Condition: Brand New. Comes with box and goodies.

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This is our take on a well known, silver colored overdrive that rhymes with CLON and is virtually unobtanium at a reasonable price point. Are you having visions of prancing centaurs on the Siberian steppe? 

Kursk retains all the mojo of the classic circuit she draws inspiration from yet sports an improved tone stack and active volume boost that delivers improved performance and versatility.

Twist the gain knob fully counter-clockwise and the drive section is completely bypassed; you have a powerful transparent boost on tap.

Twist the gain knob fully clockwise and you have the iconic centaur-based overdrive you love and expect.

The equipped active Baxandall tone stack is simple yet powerful; tweak the Bass and Treble controls to dial in YOUR tone.

Kursk also features an active Baxandall volume boost (level knob) on the tail end of the signal chain, equipping you with just the right amount of volume to drive your amp or other effects with ease.

Our compact enclosure features top mounted jacks that displace as much horizontal board space as a mini-pedal equipped with side jacks.

Features at a glance

  • Parallel clean / overdriven signal paths

  • Buffered input/output

  • Active Baxandall tone stack

  • Active Baxandall volume boost

  • 27VDC boosted internal power supply

  • Unique, space efficient enclosure

  • Top mounted jacks

  • 100% analog signal path

  • Soft switching

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Designed & assembled in the USA

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