Greer Gorilla Warfare MKII

Greer Gorilla Warfare MKII

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This is our angry, aggressive, larger-than-life and not-holding-back version of the old familiar circuit, complete with the good old LM308 chip. That’s an important detail—so we smacked it on the faceplate. This beast is powered by the same vintage chip that sparked folklore galore back in the day. We updated a few things, including the quality of the components used in the circuit, and you know that old Filter knob? Well, we turned it into a Tone control. It covers the exact same territory the original Filter control did, but…when you turn it up, you get more treble! AMAZING, I know! This beast is ready to melt rigs, rip faces off, and go to war. If you’re ready to try to tame this beast, step on up. If you’re ready to rock out, spit fire, and roast your ear holes, the Gorilla Warfare MKII is just what you need.

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