Subdecay Prometheus DLX - Resonant Filter

Subdecay Prometheus DLX - Resonant Filter

  • Cosmetic Condition: Brand New. Comes with box and papers.

The Prometheus DLX has nine basic functions:

  • Analog envelope – forward and reverse.

  • Step – tap tempo step filter based on 7 LFO shapes.

  • Trigger LFO – tap to trigger one LFO cycle.

  • Manual LFO – Manually control LFO speed.

  • Warp LFO – tap tempo LFO speed with wave shape warp.

  • Pixilated Envelope – sample/hold envelope control.

  • Envelope Trigger – Envelope triggers LFO.

  • Envelope->LFO manual – Envelope drives LFO speed. Fixed sensitivity.

  • Envelope->LFO – Envelope drives LFO speed. Variable sensitivity.

In each of these settings, the WARP control and TAP/HOLD serve different purposes to get the most out of each effect.

The expression pedal input can be used with any non-envelope functions. Depending on the shape & mode settings the expression pedal has a different effect. For example, in trigger LFO mode the LFO shape is mapped to the expression pedal. Select the ramp wave for a “standard wah” effect. Choose the saw wave for a reverse wah. The triangle/square wave is especially strange.

We also made major improvements to the step filter in the DLX. We not only added tap tempo, but the underlying LFO rate is locked to the step rate. If the step rate changes, there is no need to readjust anything to keep the same arpeggiated pattern. The warp knob is used to adjust the ratio of the step rate and the underlying LFO between 1:1 and 1:1.5. This ensures that there are no redundant settings.

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