Subdecay Super Spring Theory

Subdecay Super Spring Theory

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Drip Splash Kerplang – Spring Reverb.

By analyzing the design, sound and physics of real spring tanks we captured the nuances of tube driven spring reverb. Even something as innocuous as unplugging your guitar cable (kerplangagnangang)  sounds like real deal. A tone control allows you to dial in the perfect timbre. There is also an internal reverb send trimmer serving two purposes- 1. It allows you to turn down for hotter input signals. 2. It does essentially what the dwell control does on an outboard reverb tank. You can turn it up for a more dramatic effect or back it off for subtlety.

Unlike a real spring tank the the decay knob allows you to dampen the springs for shorter reverb or bend the laws of physics resulting in long psychedelic resonating trails.

The clean signal path is all analog. JFET amplifiers carryout the send and recovery of the reverb signal for even more tube like dynamics. The Super Spring Theory is equally at home in front of a clean or dirty amp.

Some of the most authentic-sounding spring-reverb tones available in pedal form.
-Premier Guitar

…But wait, There’s more! – Room Reverb

There’s also that other reverb setting. ROOM. Don’t think of this as your typical subtle ambiance room reverb. That is certainly possible with the decay knob rolled back. The decay knob alters the dimensions from a broom closet to a cavern covered in ceramic tile with reverb trails over three minutes long.

Like no other reverb pedal on earth.

Every aspect of the Super Spring Theory was designed from the ground up. You won’t find a “reverb brick” inside. It’s not a datasheet design from someone else.  The Super Spring Theory uses our own DSP reverb algorithms that you can’t get anywhere else.

More options

In 2011 we set out to create the most realistic spring reverb simulation ever. The Spring Theory was born with authentic sound, feel and dynamics. Since then we’ve been taking notes for the next evolution.

We listened and we know what you want. New features are packed in the same pint sized pedal. Now you can hear reverb tails when bypassed. Separate level controls for the dry and reverb sounds along with the new wide range tone control allow for subtle reverb to in your face salt water splash.

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