MOTU 2408 Mk.II Rackmount Interface

MOTU 2408 Mk.II Rackmount Interface

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  • Cosmetic Condition: Typical wear and tear, mild rack rash. 
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The MOTU 2408 MKII is a special refurbished rackmount unit that now includes the cross-platform PCI-424 card (as found in the MKIII!) for connection to Mac or Windows computers and full-featured workstation software for Macintosh with recording, editing, mixing, and real-time 32-bit effects processing. This computer-based recording system provides 24 independent inputs and outputs, including 8 balanced analog inputs and outputs with 24-bit converters, 24 channels of ADAT optical I/O, 24 channels of TDIF I/O, plus stereo S/PDIF I/O with an additional S/PDIF stereo output. The 2408 MKII supports 16- and 24-bit recording at 44.1 or 48kHz, digital dubbing among S/PDIF, ADAT, and TDIF-compatible devices. Connections are provided for ADAT sync input, word clock in and out, and MOTU Control Track input for sample-accurate Digital Timepiece synchronization. The 2408 MKII system also includes standard Windows audio driver.

The MOTU 2408 MKII ships from the factory configured with +4 "line-level" analog inputs (you can easily switch the inputs on the 2408mkII to -10db, if desired), and outputs. The eight analog inputs have individual, user-configurable jumpers that add 10 dB of gain to accommodate unbalanced -10 dB signals, which are typically produced by synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and other common audio sources. As a more convenient alternative, users can boost input levels via the 2408mkII's included CueMix console software, which can add 6 or 12 dB of boost per channel via software without the need to modify circuit board jumpers. 

The 2408 MKII interface includes 3 banks of ADAT optical I/O (24 channels), 3 banks of Tascam TDIF digital I/O (24 channels), stereo S/PDIF in/out, an extra S/PDIF out, and balanced quarter-inch main outs. All digital inputs and outputs pass a full 24 bits. 

The 2408 MKII offers 24 channels of simultaneous I/O expandable to 72 channels. Wave, ASIO, and Sound Manager drivers are included for compatibility with all major audio software applications for Macintosh and Windows. The 2408 MKII can resolve with other digital audio devices via word clock in/out, and sample-accurate synchronization is provided for both Alesis ADATs and Tascam DA-88s (with the aid of the Tascam sync capabilities of the MOTU Digital Timepiece A/V synchronizer) operating at +4db. When both pins are covered the inputs are operating at -10db. If you would like to set any of your analog inputs to -10db, simply cover both pins with the plastic jumper.