We buy, sell, trade, consign, and service vintage and modern amps, synthesizers, instruments, pro audio gear, and the occasional drum set. We carry a boatload of pedals. We do not service home or car audio equipment, or products by Line 6, Blackstar, Bugera, or Behringer.

We proudly stock locally made pedals from Blackout Effectors and Endangered Audio Research. As far as non-local, we carry Strymon, Chase Bliss Audio, Wren & Cuff, Alexander Pedals, Disaster Area Designs, Saturnworks, Voodoo Labs, Smallsound/Bigsound, Greer Amps, and Caroline Guitar Co., and Catalinbread

Meet the Crew

Brian Landrum: The head technician and co-owner. Used to own Grey Eagle, fixes the things, and rocks with the best. Sometimes you'll see him behind the kit with The Payday Knights, or the Parting Gifts. 

Howard Jefferson: Retail specialist and all-around good dude. Can bring the funk and shred your face off. You've known him for years but now he's ours and you can't have him.

Charles Gately: Retail guy and co-owner. Sells you the things, always around to give advice (good or bad). Plays with local group, Doc Aquatic. 


We offer factory warranty service for Fender, Mesa/Boogie, and Orange amplifiers.


Non-warranty repairs are 1 hour minimum - pro-rated in 15 minute intervals after the first hour - with three different rates depending on the level of service:

For service on guitars, pedals, and speaker cabs the hourly rate is $40.

For amplifiers, vintage keyboards (rhodes, wurlis, combo organs), and other FX (tape delays) the rate is $75 an hour.

Synthesizers/keyboards and pro audio (outboard gear, tape machines) is $90 an hour. 


Average turnaround times are:

Guitars - 1 week

Amps, pedals - 10-14 days

Other - Please Ask